Complementary Know How for SME's

Growth and Succession situations do not only require financing but also additional Know How and resources. SMEs often have a limited access to such resources. 

CAT GROWTH is able to provide a large range of expertise and resources based on long term international entrepreneurial Know How. 

Complementary Know How
  • Succession Process

  • M + A / Buy + Build

  • Development and implementation of growth cases 

  • Build up of Sales and Distribution channels

  • Internationalisation

  • Management of international structures 

  • Marketing

  • Pricing

  • Business- and digital Transformation 

  • Optimisation Production / Manufacturing

  • Innovation / Technology / Development

  • Organisation / Management Programs

  • HR /  Mgmt / Search / Evaluation

  • Finance  / Financing

  • Investor Reporting

  • Seats in Board of Directors