Investments in well positioned SME's with high growth potential

Small and medium size Companies (SME) in the DACH Region distinguish themselves through elevated innovational strength and agility, which allow them to occupy interesting niches in the present economy. 

Many of these companies are in search for growth capital or in the situation of succession

This situation offers investors interesting and alternative investment opportunities. In maintaining the interests of investors, acquired corporations need to be lead and optimized proficiently. CAT GROWTH undertakes this function with the goal of long-term business-development by deploying experienced entrepreneurs worldwide.

Investments in SME

Advantages for Investors 

  • Possibility to invest into successful SME's

  • Diversified or direct Investments

  • Equity and Private Debt Investment opportunities

  • Investment time frame  5-8 year

Investment Strategy

  • Middle/Longterm investment possibilities with upside potential

  • Diversification of your investment portfolio with real values

  • The strengthening of your portfolio with direct investments

  • High profit potential when successfully exiting the corporation

Assurance of Investors Interests

Active Optimization and Controlling

  • Economic optimization of corporations through active operation by CAT GROWTH

  • Accompaniment of corporations by long-term experienced SME experts and entrepreneurs

  • Representation of investor interests in Administrative Boards 

  • Consistent professional quarterly reporting

  • Quick intervention at irregularities