Diversified Investments in SME's


SME's own specific Know How in their niches but often lack complementary Know How to grow the company. The CAT GROWTH platforms cluster such companies and allow the different companies to use complementary Know How within the group. Today's external services can be provided within the platform enabling the companies to grow faster. Innovation can be developed faster and with more benefits within the cluster and products can be introduced to the markets quicker. 

The guidance through the CAT GROWTH experience entrepreneur Know How pool ensures accelerate and secure growth.

Diversified Investments SME CAT GROWTH AG

Investments are made in the platform through tradeable notes which minimizes the risks of direct investments in SME's. The integrated companies are carefully selected, analysed, supported and controlled by the CAT GROWTH team which consist of experienced entrepreneurs. 

​Preparation of Investments

  • Search of suitable SME's

  • Evaluation of opportunities and chances

  • Company Valuation

  • Due Diligence

  • Structuring of financing

  • Planig, Closing

Active Guidance and Control during investment 

  • Strategy Development for growth

  • Active Support and Guidance 

  • Control of the company

  • Quarterly Reporting of progress

  • Board Member in the  SME's

Preparation of Exit

  • Optimization of the company

  • Search of potential buyers

  • Company Valuation

  • Sales Documentation

  • Preparation Due Diligence

  • Planning, execution, closing

Diversified Investments SME CAT GROWTH AG

Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, IoT, Blockchain and other technolgies generate chances also for SME's. Many of these companies are sucessfull in niches but need capital for an accelerated growth.


CAT DIGITAL GROWTH 1 clusters 5 of these companies in this area to benefit from this market potential  


The areas Cleantech, Energy and eMobility are strong drivers in specialized SMEs.  Such companies are already successful in markets and limited regions. To enable accelerated growth additional capital is searched.

CAT CLEAN TECH GROWTH recently builds up a company portfolio to benefit from this market potential