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§The company profile was created by CAT GROWTH AG and is based on information provided by the owner and / or his consultants. If the information contained in this company profile contains forecasts, estimates, opinions or expectations, or forward-looking statements, these statements may involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results and developments may therefore differ materially from the expectations and assumptions expressed. Investments in growth companies can have great chances, but inevitably also the risks involved. Investments in growth companies are therefore a risk-based investment and a loss of the investment can not be ruled out.

§CAT GROWTH AG has not audited this information and therefore does not provide any guarantees (either implicit or implicit) for this content: neither as to its correctness, nor in terms of accuracy, completeness and also with respect to the included or supposed conclusions.

§CAT GROWTH AG therefore cannot be held liable for the content, accuracy or truth of the information. By accepting this company profile, the interested party acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the auditor to carry out an audit and to make the necessary legal and / or accounting and / or tax assessments before deciding on an investment. CAT GROWTH AG expressly points out that the potential investor should be aware of his / her interests and should therefore take all necessary clarifications regarding the correctness, completeness, truth and accuracy of the information contained herein.

§The information contained in this company profile is strictly confidential. They are only intended for the respective recipient and may not be disseminated without the prior written consent of CAT GROWTH AG.

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