Succession and Growth Capital

Many small and medium companies are either looking for capital to accelerate growth or succession planning is becoming imminent to them. Conventional financing opportunities can only meet those requirements in limited ways. On the other side investors are interested to invest in small and medium private companies but cannot assess its full implications.

CAT GROWTH is an amalgamation of long-term entrepreneurial personalities experienced in the field of small and medium private enterprises (SME). CAT GROWTH is capable of taking over the necessary tasks for investors and able of successfully developing targeted corporations in close cooperation with their operative management.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a successor or an investor to accelerate your business?


Please contact us. We would like to learn about your desires and requirements from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Target Enterprises
  • Volume of sales from approx. 3 to 50 Mio. (non-listed corporations)

  • Innovative products and services

  • Distinctively definable USP’s

  • Experienced management must be in place operating the corporation

  • Positive Cash Flow

  • Development potential exists (regional, international, along the value chain)

  • Positive market trend

  • Wanted majority (in exceptional cases also representative minorities) in corporations demanding:

    • Growth financing (Buy and Build)

    • Corporate succession

    • Business acquisition

Financing Proposals

Financing proposals offered to corporations

  • Increase of capital

  • Full or partial succession

  • Owner’s Buy Out / succession

  • Mangement Buy In (MBI) or Buy Out (MBO)

  • Spin-Offs or Carve Outs