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CAT GROWTH is the professional link between small and medium private enterprises (SME), which are in succession planning or are looking for expansion financing, and investors in search of new investment opportunities. CAT GROWTH enables participations of investors in successful SME and vice versa, corporations to access proven experts in the field of SME.

  • CAT GROWTH enables and manages direct investments for investors willing to invest in SME enterprises or real estate.

  • As a member of the CAT Group, CAT GROWTH follows a solution-focused approach at supporting corporations and investors from the starting point of strategy formation for a sustainable and successful implementation up to acquisition by or exit strategy of investors.

  • CAT GROWTH offers access to SME enterprises, which are in succession planning or are looking for expansion financing.

  • The business portfolio is managed by specialized investment teams (consisting of proven experts and long-term entrepreneurs).

  • CAT GROWTH AG considers portfolio management as a longstanding and active growth management and is striving to maintain a steady optimization of investments.

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